Our Culture

Investing in People, Process and Technology

Eros???s leadership team is comprised of professionals from backgrounds including Information Technology, Staffing, Business, Financial Services, New Media, and Education. Eros and its partners benefit from having these different minds around the table to drive the strategic growth and operations of the business.

Partnership Approach

We act as a positive catalyst in partnering for growth. We carry agility of a small company with an appetite to thrive in large ecosystem which has helped our clients and employees for mutual growth.

Knowledge and Fitness

Growth and money has no meaning unless you are knowledge and fitness hungry. We believe Knowledge and fitness is never ending process. So we strive for knowledge and fitness every day. We follow the mantra that ???knowledge is Power??? thus we incorporate a strong culture that encourages learning and knowledge enhancement across industries. The same can be said about our employees??? physical well-being, thus we encourage our employee live out of cubicle life.


Trust means that sense of ownership where each and every one of us is accountable for responsibilities undertaken.


Bravado in terms of deed rather than just words. We thus have teams of different Domains, to tackle clients demand in every sphere. We are equipped with Team of Engineers, MBAs and industry practitioners as Recruitment specialists.

Meritocracy and Transparency

We have a performance driven culture wherein the individual has equal opportunity to grow. We strive for better performance every day. A performance driven culture is deep rooted at all levels in the organization. We have transparent and open culture which helps employees stay connected and light up creative solutions.

Respect for Individual

Each and every Erosian is given a platform to express their ideas which help them to practice thought leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.


We celebrate our success together. It overshadows the challenges that were encountered along the way. We feel proud as an individual and as a team member of EROS family.